Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Tips on creating the perfect Add
    • Make sure your picture is in focus and there is just enough light. The focus should be on whet you are selling. Make it wow.
    • Give detail on your product or service and state your terms and conditions.
    • Decide if you want to make your telephone number public or not.

  2. How big should the art work (picture) be that I add to my advertisement?
    • A 1024 by 768 pixel picture would be sufficient. The best is to create your add, upload the picture and see if it displays correctly.

  3. Can I add an animated gif file in stead of a picture?
    • Yes. The classifieds engine will show the animation once the detail of the  advertisement has been opened.

  4. Can I simply scan my pamflet and add it as the artwork to my advertisement?
    • No, it is not recommended. Rather scan the artwork and include the detail of your advertisement in the content of your advertisement when you upload it.

  5. What if I do not have artwork for my advertisement?
    • Feel free to capture a picture with your camera or even cell phone of your product or service and add it when you upload your advertisement.

  6. How does the cash checkout work and when will my advertisement be online?
    • Once you have uploaded your advertisement and you have selected to pay with cash, the banking details will be send to you by email. Make the electronic fund transfer (EFT) and send your proof of payment to
    • Hennops Valley Advertising will activate your advertisement once your money shows in our bank account.

  7. What is the banking details for Hennops Valley Advertising
    • Branch: THE REDS
    • Branch Code: 250655
    • Account Type: CHEQUE ACCOUNT
    • Account Number: 62631176478
    • Your Reference: [username] & [invoice number] (You will get this from your email once you have published your add)